The Risk Challenge

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Creating Responsible & Impactful Companies

through ESG Implementation

Risk Challenge International Case-Solving Competition on Risk Management is an annual event designed specifically to give university students from around the world the opportunity to showcase their exquisite case-solving skills. Working in teams, students will be challenged to assess and solve risk management issues that modern organizations are facing. It involves analyzing available information, constructing solutions, as well as defending their recommendations in front of a prolific panel of judges of global business leaders and/or academicians.

In 2011–2019, the competition was held nationally, known as National Risk Management Case Competition. Starting last year, it was expanded to target the international university students, so we have been conducting it via online/virtual platform.

Dedicated to serve as a unique, unparalleled learning experience, the case-solving competition always raise contemporary business issues which will help students keep themselves relevant to modern business practices and its development. ESG which stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance has become increasingly important in modern day business and considered as an integral part of many high- profiled companies’ strategies around the world. ESG helps firms navigating environmental and/or social risks while maintaining their integrity and accountability. Through ESG implementation, firms demonstrate their efforts to create positive impacts for the society and to secure their stakeholders’ interests. It eventually plays a crucial role in creating their long-term economic values.

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Implementing ESG: How Being Sustainable Benefits Companies

LIVE: 8 July 2022

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is an important and integral part of modern businesses around the world. It helps firms navigate environmental and social risks while maintaining their integrity and accountability. ESG implementation helps firms demonstrate their positive impacts for the society which eventually create their long-term economic values.

The webinar is intended to build awareness of the importance of ESG, and serve as a learning opportunity on how to implement it.

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